You & Me Designs jewellery are made entirely from precious metals. Our sterling silver pieces are made from .925 silver and are coasted with a protective layer to keep the silver looking bright and new. Our gold and rose gold pieces, incorporate a mid-18th century jewellery technique called vermeil, where a thick layer of 24ct yellow or rose gold is plated onto sterling silver. Our gold plated jewellery has had two layers of plating applied, making it last twice as long.


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding more specific material details.





  • Keep jewellery away from sharp objects and harsh chemicals (perfumes, hairspray, chlorine), as all of this can affect the appearance of the jewellery.

  • Place jewellery on after using cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes. This helps avoid contact with substances and chemicals which can cause damage. Put the jewellery on last.

  • Remove all jewellery before taking a shower or doing household tasks such as cleaning. The abrasive particles in chemicals can cause a dullness in appearance.

  • It is recommended to carefully wipe jewellery with a soft jewellery cleaning cloth after each wear to remove oils and other chemicals.

  • Store jewellery in a dry place and in separate pouches, wraps or zip lock bags. This helps avoid contact with other jewellery and objects which can scratch and chip stones in the piece. It is recommended that jewellery is kept flat to avoid tangling, kinks and stretching of necklaces.

  • You can clean jewellery and remove tarnish with a jewellery cleaner. Please check instructions of the product first to see if it is compatible with your jewellery. Ensure the jewellery is completely dry.

  • To polish your jewellery you can purchase a special jewellery polishing cloth to make your jewels look as good as new.